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Performed by our doctors in office to evaluate your further treatment needs and options. The doctors will discuss your options with you during the exam.


Performed by the hygienist to remove plaque and calculus buildup. This can include X-rays and fluoride treatments to protect the enamel of your teeth.


Cavities can be filled, in general, with two different materials: composite and amalgam. Composite is a tooth colored filling bonded to the tooth and amalgam is silver in color and stays in place with mechanical retention. The doctor will administer anesthetic to the area to numb and it will wear off after a few hours so you can go back to work or school with no special circumstances needed.


We perform simple, surgical, and wisdom teeth extractions in office. You may need a form of sedation (please see next term for explanation) prior to your visit.


We have two options available in office: 1) Triazoliam- this is a heavy sleeping aid that comes in a pill form, please take them as instructed and you will need someone to be able to drive you to your appointment and take care of you for 24 hours after the appointment. 2) Nitrous gas- also known as “laughing gas” it is inhaled throughout the appointment and once the procedure is done you are given oxygen for several minutes and then released. You do not need a driver after this as the effects only linger up to 15 minutes after administered.


This is an alternative option to traditional bracket braces. Clear aligners are worn and then exchanged out every two weeks for the next set, slowly moving teeth into proper alignment. The length of treatment depends on the types of movements needed.


We offer a “Whitening for Life” program after you have seen our hygienist and the doctor has completed a thorough exam and cleared you for the service. Impressions are taken and we make custom whitening trays just for you! You are given two tubes of whitening gel and instructions initially then additional whitening gel is given at no cost to you as long as you come to your 6 month hygiene appointments.


They are a restoration that covers a tooth that may have cracks or has broken off due to weakness or excessive filling. It can be made of gold or porcelain to match the other teeth. They are cemented onto the tooth and act like a real tooth.


They are a long lasting option for replacing a tooth that may be missing or that cannot be salvaged. They are fixed into the jawbone making them feel and look just like a real tooth.


Are a set of teeth that can be removable or attached to implants. The removable denture lies on top of the gum line and may require adhesive. The fixed denture is supported and attached to implants which significantly improve stability.


This is a restoration consisting traditionally of three crowns that are all attached to one another. The crowns covering the outside two supporting teeth fit like a regular crown, the middle (third) crown restores a space missing a tooth. They are cemented onto the supporting teeth.


We recommend that you bring your child into the office for a checkup once the first tooth has erupted. We will review basic hygiene instructions and check for treatment needs. We also have a “No Cavities Kids Club” for our patients that have no cavities! They will get their picture up on our wall along with a certificate. We will draw for a winner every four months and they can receive a prize!


We make same day appointments for our patients to ensure we can get them out of discomfort and treat the area that is causing pain or swelling. Please try to call in the morning for better options of time and availability.

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